1. What is Raddar?

RaddaR is a stock analytics collection service. Bank forecasts, experts’ opinions, technical metrics and other data are collected from various independent sources in real time, processed by the system and shaped into a pictorial statistics.

Data are collected in real time and shaped into pictorial statistics

Traders and analysts often have to work with a wealth of information, spend a lot of time researching various exchange bulletins sources and comparing quotes. RaddaR automatically renders collecting and processing of analytics and helps to make effective decisions based on the actual state of affairs in financial markets.

2. What services does RaddaR provide?

Using RaddaR enables you to:

  • Monitor changes in quotes in real time via the graph.
  • Get recommendations like «Buy», «Sell», «Neutral» based on technical analysis, crowd mood, banks and traders forecasts and other stock analysis sources.
  • Open trade as soon as you get an interesting signal. You can choose a broker or stock and set up an account right inside our service.

You can also get trading signals via Email or Telegram. Choose assets you’re interested in, set the period and forecast probability percentage. As soon as the system tracks a suitable signal, it will send you a notification automatically. Thus, you’ll get the latest updates on assets you’ve chosen.

Notifications example
3. Who can use RaddaR? Will it be useful for me?

A crucial idea of RaddaR is to make stock analytics understandable and accessible. You can use the service regardless of your experience in exchange trade.

Experienced traders save a lot of time that they used to spend on researching exchange bulletins using our service. The service enables them to revise trading strategy and get interesting signals. Beginning investors can catch the market’s trends even without a deep immersion into analysis tools.

4. What differs RaddaR from all the other financial platforms?

Data are collected from various independent sources.RaddaR collects banks and traders from professional blogs forecasts, signals of robots, technical analytics, etc. using various sources. Thus, you get detailed impartial statistics.

Easy to use.We’ve made our service as easy and convenient as possible so that even beginners could understand signals. You won’t have to analyze vast numbers and examine any difficult graphs - RaddaR will do it for you.

Convenient signal service.You don’t need to keep track of the service constantly to get interesting signals. Set notifications according to assets you’re interested in and get them via Email or Telegram.

Such notifications will let you know about interesting trading signals right away
5. Will RaddaR services be extended?

One of the main goals of the project is constant improvement of forecasts accuracy. We collect feedback from our users, analyze the effectiveness of different sources’ forecasts and upgrade the service based on this information.

You can take part in modernization of our service. If you have an opinion on tools to add or sources to work with and how to improve RaddaR, send us a letter to support@raddar.io. We’ll definitely pay attention to your request.

6. Which sources does RaddaR use to get analytic data?

The main goal of RaddaR is to collect analytic data and process them into recommendations like “Buy”, “Sell” or “Neutral”. To make our forecast as accurate as possible we use signals taken from various independent services and portals. They include:

  • investing.com — a financial and information portal which combines many tools, brokers, traders and analysts within one platform.
  • myfxbook.com — supports more than 100 brokers, has a large community of traders and analysts.
  • dukascopy.com — a platform created by a large Swiss bank.
  • take-profit.org — a research and information portal, an aggregator of financial markets’ news, traders and brokers forecasts.
  • fxstreet.com — a portal with analytical information which is well-known in Europe, Asia and the US.
  • Bloomberg — one of the leading worldwide providers of analytical signals and financial markets’ news.
  • tradingview.com — a financial platform and an active social network for professional traders.
  • smart-lab.ru — a Russian community of traders and investors which has more than 40 thousand visitors a day. There people keep professional blogs and publish analytical forecasts.
  • plan.ru — a blog by Dmitry Sukhov, a financial markets specialist.
  • alpari.ru — a website of a famous Russian Forex broker.
  • tv-rbc.ru — a large Russian business media.
  • barchart.com — an American market data provider.
  • finam.ru — a Russian investment company.
  • signals.me — a service of stock and forex signals based on social mood, artificial intelligence and neural networks.
  • signal.wetalktrade.com — an analytical signals service.

Data sources of our service might change. We collect statistics, analyze forecasts, and monitor effectiveness and reliability of each signal. Based on this information we decide whether to add or delete a particular source.

7. Why do some widgets work only in «Now» mode?

To make forecasts as accurate as possible we use special algorithms of data processing. That is the reason why widgets like "Technical analysis indicator", "Candle models" and "Sliding middles" are shown only in "Now" mode while in other periods they are replaced with a general widget called "Technical analysis".

8. Why do analytic data give conflicting signals — ones show «Buy» while others «Sell»? Which one to believe?

Each trader and analyst has his/her own trading strategy. Some of them look at the crowd mood while others act against the majority opinion. Some believe in banks insides while others are more into technical analysis.

In our service we’ve collected the most popular, in our opinion, assets and periods so that each user could find a suitable decision.

If you’re a beginning investor and you don’t have your special trading strategy, RaddaR will help you to develop it. Set a signal service and watch forecasts for a while. Base your strategy those you find the most effective.

9. Why users can’t set probability percentage at more than 95 and less than 60?

In a signal service a probability is an assessing of forecasts’ effectiveness in percentage terms. It shows a common statistics of all the signals that the service has. The higher the probability percentage the more likable the forecast will come true.

You’ll get signals with probability you’ve set and higher.

If you set the service like this, it will notify you about signals with probability of 80% and more.

You can set the probability percentage yourself, but the system won’t let you make it more than 95% and less than 75% in "Now" mode, as well as no more than 90% and no less than 60% in all the others.

Signals with more than 95% probability are rare and represented mostly in a high-risk "Now" mode. If the probability you set is too high, you might miss many interesting trading signals. If the probability you set is too low, you’ll get too many notifications, but the majority of them won’t be effective enough.

As a default we set optimal probability percentage for each period according to our experts’ opinions.

10. Has RaddaR got a mobile app?

No, and we don’t have such plans. You can use our service via a mobile version of the website or get signals via Email or Telegram.

Set a signal service and get trading signals via Email or Telegram.